Welcome to the Lore IO Data Exchange documentation

This resource will guide you through the workflow of using Lore IO to ingest, transform, and map disparate source datasets and files into standard outputs with common data formats.

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About Lore IO Data Exchange

Lore IO Data Exchange is a complete solution built upon the Lore IO platform, which is an agile data preparation solution that simplifies complex multi-source data mapping.

Brands selling through retailers, travel and hospitality aggregators, holding companies with independent subsidiaries, and other organizations use Lore IO Data Exchange in the cloud or on-prem to transform, map, and standardize data from disparate business partners to common output schemas.

In addition to providing a software solution, Lore IO assists customers in:

  • Setting up and managing target outputs
  • Building and maintaining mapping workflows
  • Implementing data security and governance
  • Developing well scoped implementation plan

A full managed service on a manged cloud is available as well.